Ripped Radio Network originally started as "Ripped Radio" (the show) in May of 2006, hosted by 4 Star General, Mani & Trump.  The show was on one of the original Internet Radio Networks (Rage Radio) at the birth of internet radio.  The show grew and remained on for two and a half years.  Looking for growth and a new home, the show took a hiatus in 2009.  Each host went on to do different things, however, internet radio was still a new thing.  Trump, decided to make Ripped Radio, into a station, called Ripped Radio Network.  After a few years as a promoter and writer in Professional Wrestling (running successful shows in DC, MD & Delaware), it was decided to bring the two together (in a way).  The internet stations at the time in 2009 were kind of bland and the same as terrestrial radio.  So a business model was set to bring ENTERTAINMENT, personalities and charisma, (regardless of their experience) into Internet Radio and call it "Online Entertainment" (removing the "radio" moniker).  The saying is, "Regardless of your experience, if you've got a personality and charisma, you've got a home on Ripped Radio Network!"

Ripped Radio Network then launched on February 21st, 2010 in Washington, DC.  The Network has had shows in multiple countries, cities, developing a LEGIT worldwide following and remains the ONLY "internet radio" station to broadcast multiple shows simultaneously on AM & FM radio in Chicago, New York & Los Angeles!  Ripped Radio Network is also the only network to have personalities go to Satellite radio, movies, FM Radio, etc.

If you have the personality, charisma and that "it" factor, contact us below for a tryout!